Tuesday, January 19, 2010

El Papiol vs Sant Cugat

The two municipalities are fighting over ownership of the 10th century chapel Ermita de Salut.

The boundary between the municipalities goes through the middle of the building, and El Papiol (in typical Catalan fashion) is marshalling arguments going back to the middle ages to justify full ownership.

Those greedy Papiolencs.

It's a beautiful hike (or run if you are feeling healthy) up to the chapel.

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Jeremy Holland said...

Thanks for the comments and explaining the ins-and-outs of the EU budget. So what's this chapel have that's got everyone in a huff? Let's see, Sant Cugat, tech, HP employee?

santcugat said...

I can neither confirm nor deny. I wouldn't want to lose the ability to make snarky comments about my employer.

Jennifer @ OrangePolkaDot said...

Interesting, you would think that with a building of culture importance/history the two could share.

You are right, it is a beautiful hike.

santcugat said...

From what I could figure out, it started two years ago when Valldoreix and El Papiol were accusing each others residents of theft of the bell from the ermita.

One day I hope that my kids will stop whining long enough to enjoy hiking with them.

The Singing Organ-Grinder said...

I took some people up there on a Monday morning walk a couple of years ago and we discovered that the caretaker had also decided to take advantage of the peace, quiet and sun and was doing something unmentionable in the porch. Whoever gets it is welcome to it.