Friday, January 22, 2010

La Casera arrives

El Corte Ingles always sends us promotional random crap along with our internet shopping.

We buy most of our groceries online at Corte Ingles. A couple hours (or the next day) after you make the order, you get a call from the lady who is filling up your shopping cart telling you all the things they don't have. We had a lot of problems in the beginning with them forgetting boxes, breaking stuff, but lately it's been pretty smooth.

This time they sent us a promotional bottle of La Casera (La Unica!). I hadn't realized how famous this stuff is in Spain (#4 most known brand, to the point that people use it to refer to any kind of lemonade, kind of like Xerox or Kleenex). People here mix it in the wine to make tinto de verano, but personally I prefer a clara (beer + casera or fanta limon) when it's hot.

The bottle came with a free appetizer bowl (gotta love these weird promotions).

La Casera has been owned by Cadbury since 2001 (soon to be owned by Kraft if the $18 billion acquisition happens).

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