Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Adventures in ink-refilling

I had the bad luck this weekend that my printer ran out of ink while printing the pictures for my son's homework assignment. Being a Sunday, buying a new cartridge was out of the question. (Maremagnum is the only mall I know that's open on Sundays but doesn't have any tech stores).

In the US, I would ask the neighbors, but given that our current relationship is still stuck at the "acknowledge existence if we accidentally run into each other" stage, it didn't feel appropriate.

First thing I tried was to resuscitate an old HP printer I had in the garage, but due to having been off for two years it decided that the (newly unwrapped)ink cartridges had expired and were no longer good. I popped out the battery that powers the internal clock, giving the printer amnesia and thinking it was the year 2000. Then it complained that the scanner was broken and wouldn't start up, so I disassembled the scanner, cleaned it, put it back together and... still the same error.

Then I remembered that I had an old Becker color ink refilling kit lying around that I had never tried out. It was for a different brand of printer, but I was desperate.

It came with:
  • A metal pokey-thing for making a hole in the cartridge
  • Three bottles of color ink
  • Three syringes for inject the ink into the hole
  • A set of rubber gloves
It was surprisingly easy, and my son's homework assignment was saved.

From now on, I'm buying my ink by the liter.


StQgat fan said...

There is one (more useful than Maremagnum) shopping centre open on Sundays, which you may have come across by now. In case you haven't, it's called Anec Blau in the Gava / Castelldefels area. Admittedly it may be too far to justify going just for printer ink, but good to know anyway.
I have to admit to using the Repsol (OpenCor) supermarket for everyday things more than is perhaps necessary, which by the way, is the only place I know that stocks a great American barbeque sauce, pretty good waffles, and Pepperidge Farm cookies. Maybe you could help me out and let me know where I can find authentic Mayple Syrup?

santcugat said...

I answered your question with a post.

Good to know about Anec Blau. I think I remember getting stuck in a traffic jam around there on a Sunday and wondering what the hell was going on.