Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pepé Pagapoco y hoy tampoco

The title of a kids story yesterday I heard on the Radio 5 yesterday about a man that never pays for anything. The kids loved it and it was very well told by Esther de Lorenzo (and I think it's an original story, since I can't find much in Google about it).

The villagers eventually lose patience with Pepe Paga Poco and decide to cast a magic spell that makes anything that he takes without paying grow legs and run back home. He eventually becomes desperate and goes to the bank and tells them to pay for everything (and becames Pepe Pagatodo).

Link to the MP3.


Anna said...

the right title in spanish should be: Pepe paga poco y hoy tampoco.

It's interesting to know your point of view of our city/country... obviously, as a catalan person, I find some mistakes in you appreciations.

santcugat said...

Thanks! I've fixed the title and added a link to the MP3.

I will attempt to appreciate the country more accurately in the future.