Monday, June 21, 2010

Unreasonable requests

(In Spanish)

“I’d like a bocadillo”

“Would you like cheese, jamon serrano or jamon dulce?”

“Can I have it with jamon serrano and cheese?”

“Sorry. Only one.”

“Even if I pay extra?”

“Sorry we can’t do that”

“Uh ok… but you sell jamon serrano by the gram, can’t you just charge me for that?”


“Uh… ok then. I’d like a bocadillo with cheese. I’d also like to buy 20 grams of jamon serrano.”

“That’s a very small amount of jamon.”

“Just enough for one bocadillo.”


Pueblo girl said...

S/He was only trying to save you from yourself. The Spanish (and Catalans, by the look of it)consider mixing serrano ham with cheese sacrilege. Me, I like it with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, a bit of olive oil, maybe some olives...I'm going straight to hell.

Jeremy Holland said...

Too funny

santcugat said...

I love how strangers here take responsibility for keeping you on the straight and narrow.

It reminded me a bit of the discussion we had at a restaurant a while back trying to convince them that my vegetarian sister really didn't want any jamon in her peas, or when my mom came to visis and wanted a coffee to start her meal.

Jamon dulce plus cheese appears to be an approved combination.