Friday, November 5, 2010

The Mossos swarm the neighborhood

The doorbell rang this evening and it was a Mosso. He was wearing a jogging suit but showed me his badge, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. He wanted to know if the car parked in front was ours, since it wasn’t registered to an owner from the neighborhood. I guess we should have updated the address on the drivers license.

Looking from the balcony we saw that the whole street was filled with police running this way and that. We heard shouting coming from the neighbors across the street and what sounded like two gun shots.

The police spent the next hour searching around with flashlights. Not sure who they were looking for, but from their body language, it looked like they got away.

We made extra sure that everything was locked up tight. Everyone here goes away for the weekend, so I assume that it was burglars.

It added a little bit of excitement to our otherwise uneventful evening.

I’ll go tomorrow and see if I can find any bullet holes.

Update: They did catch them. From

The Autonomous Police arrested three people Friday evening suspected of attempted robbery at a house Valldoreix. has confirmed with the Catalan police that events happened around half past nine at night, when residents of nearby street of Panama noticed people inside the house and warned the security forces. Several police organizations participated in the operation which culminated in ten arrests by quarter past ten. It is expected that the suspected thieves will be in court Monday morning.

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trebots said...

Barcelona is swarming with secrets, nicking monthly dope rations off honest burgers under the pretence of looking for gangsters and popekillers. Must be elections coming up.