Thursday, December 23, 2010

How to get a telephone technician to come to your house

This is from the US, but I thought it was really good advice if you are trying to get Telefonica to send a technician (as opposed to promising to do something and then never doing it):

I know you already canceled, but here are some tips for getting what you want from AT&T tech support. This is from dealing with them a few years ago, so they might be catching on to this game:

  1. Report intermittent static on your voice line. That will get your pair switched most of the time.
  2. Whenever they ask you do to do something, don't do it, but say you did, but make it obvious you didn't. They tell you to reset the modem, say "Yeah, okay it's reset", when they question how fast it was, just say "Yeah, I unplugged it, then all 4 lights flashed and turned orange and red and green and blue...". At some point, they realize your screwing with them but never indicate that you are, the trick is to be play even dumber then the person you are talking too.
  3. Change your story every time. Be as unhelpful as possible when they try to pin you down on any details, especially technical details.

The theme here is not to be a "problem customer" who yells and curses, they can deal with that. You have to subtly wear the other person down, so it becomes their idea to roll a truck.

Once the technician gets on site, then it's a whole different ball game of getting them to do some work.

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