Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The stressed women of Spain

An interesting survey on the consumer and media habits of women had the following chart on how many women felt “stressed” in various countries:

    1. India (87%)
    2. Mexico (74%)
    3. Russia (69%)
    4. Brazil (67%)
    5. Spain (66%)
    6. France (65%)
    7. South Africa (64%)
      Italy (64%)
    8. Nigeria (58%)
    9. Turkey (56%)
    10. U.K. (55%)
    11. U.S.A. (53%)
    12. Japan (52%)
      Canada (52%)
      Australia (52%)
    13. China (51%)
    14. Germany (47%)
    15. Thailand (45%)
      South Korea (45%)
    16. Malaysia (44%)
      Sweden (44%)

Latin cultures seem to cause a lot of stress for women, with Mexico, Brazil, and Spain near the top of the list (and honorable mention to France and Italy).

This has been noticed before, in a study from 2006, which came to the conclusion that

Stress is a very different experience for Hispanic men and women. Women, most of whom are the health managers in their family, feel stress from their family and home responsibilities. However, since nearly half are employed, work is also a prominent source of stress for women. Men, most of whom are employed full-time, primarily feel stress from work and money concerns.

Definitely fits to what I’ve seen in Spain as well… women are expected to conform to gender roles of taking care of all family matters AND work full time. Not a great combination.

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Pueblo girl said...

In my case, working full time and being asked what's for dinner isn't so much a cause for stress as an enormous source of conflict and, hopefully, re-education (not mine!).