Friday, September 23, 2011

Asuntos Propios

Usually on the way to pick of the kids, I listen to a program called “Asuntos Propios”, which provides me with a dose of good humor to deal with the fact that I’ve wasted yet another day trying to get work done, despite being way to sleepy to actually think straight.

(Usually my day consists of “Do X”, “Realize X is a stupid idea”, “Undo X”)

Yesterday, they were asking listeners to send in questions that they should ask Mariano Rajoy. My favorite of the bunch:

“Does it hurt your feelings when people call you Mariano Chips-Rajoy?”

They also have a section on amusing mispronounced words, which most of the time go over my head, although sometimes I get it… asking someone for their “encabronamiento” instead of “empadronamiento”, or saying that your mobile phone has no “cubiertura” instead of “cobertura”.

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