Sunday, November 13, 2011

Zuka: sushi at the monastery square

We were very eager to try out the new sushi place that opened recently at Plaça Octavia. This weekend we managed to escape from the kids for a couple hours and boy was it good!

The fish was very good quality, the preparation was beautiful, the service was prompt, and even the delicious mochi ice cream desert looked home-made.

For me, it was as good as some of the better up-scale sushi restaurants in the US, with the prices being not cheap, but not in the rip-off range.

I think we’ve been doing too many MBAish courses… we spent much of the dinner trying to estimate how many staff they had and how much they’d have to make to break even.

The address is:

Plaça Octavià, 3,
08172 Sant Cugat

935 140 394 (you will need reservations on the weekends unless you show up super early)


Anna G said...

Totalment d'acord! Molt bona recomanació. Gràcies

Charlie St A said...

Yes, we went last night.'Super early', by Spanish standards anyway, at 8.15. |Very nice. Very fresh. Highly recommended