Sunday, February 24, 2013

Now we know why Rajoy was being so nice to Barcenas

So Barcenas went to a notary back in December, and declared the existence of the separate accounts. This was supposed to be released in case he went to jail.

I pity the PP spokeman, Alfonso Alonso, who has has given the phrase “believe me, not your lying eyes” a whole new meaning. Apparently the new party line is that that Rajoy doesn’t even know that Barcenas guy. And besides, this case is only about the PP political party, and has nothing to do with the current government.

Perhaps the next excuse will be that Rajoy’s family dog ate all the envelopes of cash, so he never actually received them.

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Tita said...

More on the topic of spanish slimebags ;-):

"Monster Spanish slugs that feast on dead RABBITS and grow to 15cm are invading Britain and threaten to decimate crops"