Thursday, September 21, 2017

Referendum etc

Since we lived in Catalonia for eight years and we still have many friends there, I feel that I am at least somewhat qualified to have an opinion. If I still lived in Catalonia, I would vote no in the referendum, but I would definitely go and vote, since I believe that in a democracy, people should be allowed to express an opinion without fear for arrest. If a significant majority wants to be independent, so be it. 

It's been very sad watching the escalation between Catalan separatists and the central government. If Rajoy had been trying to create the conditions that make an independent Catalonia inevitable, he couldn't have done a better job. Catalans are very proud of their nation, even if they aren't necessarily all separatists.

Sending the Guardia Civil (which played a significant role as Franco's enforcers during the dictatorship) means alienating the people who would have actually supported a unified country. In addition, trying to solve this with heavily armed police means that at some point someone will probably get killed, and then there will be reprisals, etc.

I'm actually reading a book on successful and unsuccessful negotiations, and unfortunately the PP and the current Catalan government perfect fit the role of the worst possible negotiators.

I don't see what endgame Rajoy could possibly be hoping for... even if he stops the referendum, sends thousands of people to jail, and rips up the devolved government in Catalonia, what then?


Anonymous said...

it's an interesting post... and interesting views. But I don't agree about your opinion on the negotiations. Rajoy don't even want to seat on any negotiation table. It's then impossible to have any.

santcugat said...

Now that I live outside Catalonia, I'm realizing that the rest of Spain has a huge blind spot when it comes to having any kind of reasonable discussion about Catalonia. My son tried to make the point during a discussion about this at school that that people should have a trial before being sent to jail, but he was drowned out by kids singing the Spanish national anthem.