Friday, May 28, 2010

Child traumatization time again

Soon it will be time again to scare the bejeezus out of the 3+ year-old population via the collective Catalan insanity known as "colonias".

Near the end of the school year, the preschoolers get sent (without parents) for 3 nights to a farm somewhere out in the middle of nowhere, where they will supposedly become self-sufficient and self-confident.

At our school this is not optional, and you pay even if you don't want your kids to go. Luckily our friendly doctor at the CAP wrote us a note saying that our children would be traumatized if they went, so we got our money back.

The strange thing is that despite the efforts of Catalan parents to instill independence into their kids, most likely the kids will still be living at home by age 40.

Perhaps the kids of North America need to escape the claustrophobia of their overly safe and protected lives.


Jennifer @ OrangePolkaDot said...

I can't believe that preschoolers go to colonies! That is too young. Sleeping over at grandmas, sure, fine. But really what is the need for 20+ 3-5 year olds going on a camping trip with their classmates? At our school, they don't go on colonies until 5-6th grade. When I am at the gym in Valldoreix, I am impressed with the preschoolers getting off the bus, changing into swimsuits and going to swim lessons with their class with no parents in sight (totally would never happen in the USA). But going on a 3 day trip is totally different. My son would freak out!

santcugat said...

Yeah. We're the only parents that in our class that don't send our kids. When we talk to the other parents, they also tend to think that their kids are too young, but since everyone is doing it, they feel obliged to send their kids.